Ethel Ramczik's 1934 cap was beaded 
with wax orange blossom decorative elements.

Ethel Ramczik wore this sleek satin belted gown and carried a variety of  fine laces at her Nov 29, 1934 wedding to Leroy Roth at St. Stanislaus Basilica,Winona. (Donated by Jane Roth, Winona, 2007.30)

Decorative elements of Helen Majchrzak's 
1929 Juliet Cap.

Juliet Cap Veils were popular during the 1920s era.

This sleeveless lace & silk dress with wax orange blossom decor & long tulle veil was worn by Helen S Majchrzak on her wedding day, June 19, 1929.  She married Roy W Kraklow at St. Adalbert's Catholic Church, Milwaukee. (Donated by Robert Kraklow, Greenfield, WI.  2003.34)


Veronica Dejno wore this tea-length satin & lace dress with shoulder length halo veil when she married Wilfred Haug Sept 15, 1959 at St. Celia's Chapel in Rome, Italy.  Her bridesmaid wore a short deep blue A-line dress and black netted curvette hat. Shown are the groom's jacket and trousers. (Donated by Veronica Haug, Winona. 2006.19)

Registrar Rose Kubiatowicz & Collections Tech Mara Streberger prepare to label Mary Cierzan's 1894 wedding dress (seen below).  The brown lace wedding dress framed in the background was worn by Helen Zielinska at her wedding to Thomas Bronk in 1916. (Donated by Mr. & Mrs James Bronk. 1989.36)

On January 16, 1894 Marianna "Mary" Cierzan (1876-1961) married Jacob Wieczorek at Saint Stanislaus Kostka Basilica.  This was her wedding dress. The1900 US Census shows Jacob and Marianna living at 121 Chatfield Street, with Jacob employed as a lumber mill "tall sawyer". (Donated by Ben Schultz. 1980.4) 

Frances Lica's bridal gown was made by Miss Helen Sklenar with fabric purchased at H. Coate & Co.  Frances married John Marouski on Nov 9, 1900 at St. Stanislaus Church.  The shawl was a gift from Mrs. Hannibal Coate and was worn over the shoulders of the bride. (IC2013.208)

Shadow box holding Mary Cierzan's 1894 wedding veil and Jacob  Wiezorek's boutonniere. (Donated by Ben Schultz.  1980.4)

Beadwork & Lace, circa 1930s. (Donated by Darrel & Pat Kampa. 2000.4)

(Donated by Darrel & Pat Kampa. 2000.4)

Circa 1930s satin wedding dress with beaded hat and attached veil.  (Donated by Darrel & Pat Kampa. 2000.4)